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Since it's inception in April of 2020, UNBOUND BOOKS has provided nearly 500 books to the Kansas Department of Corrections Library system, helping to establish a small satellite library in a section of one prison that is isolated from the library due to Covid-19.


Unbound Books is a program of Brothers in Blue Reentry that exists to help bridge the gap and provide a steady stream of new books to Prison Libraries.


Our BIBR and LEAD programs serve people who are preparing to be released from prison. Unbound Books serves all of the incarcerated people in the prisons we work with.

People in prisons across America are confined, often for many years, without access to an adequate library of books. Prison librarians work on extremely tight budgets and can't meet the high demand for better reading materials despite their best efforts.  



We purchase new, publisher excess books at a fraction of the list price.


Then our incredible volunteers in Kansas City screen the books to be sure we are abiding by each prison's regulations.


We stamp each book with the Unbound Books logo, package them according to the numbers each librarian gives us, then hand-deliver the books to the librarians.

We send biographies, non-fiction, and books with great stories. All of our books are chosen with the people we serve in mind.


The number one factor in reducing the recidivism rate in US prisons is education.


Education is the key to the hard work of forging a new life when a person is released from prison.


Educational programming in prisons is often lacking. While people wait, they read. In fact, they read everything they can get their hands on. 


In addition to valuable skills and knowledge, books teach us empathy.


When people read, they learn to see the world through a different lens. Books give the people we serve an opportunity to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


1. Donate! Your donations are the key to our success. $10.00 buys 5 books! Click on HERE to give books now!

2. If you live in the Kansas City Metro area and want to VOLUNTEER to box and ship books, email us at We'd love to have you join us!

3. Join our mailing list by emailing hope@brothersinbluereentry.orgto receive updates from Unbound Books.

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