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When it comes down to how the program has changed and impacted my life, I can say nothing short of it saved me!


Ultimately, the program helped me find my identity. I think that going through prison without having experienced this program there is no way I would have been able to reach the overall level of wellness that I have achieved.


Through the program’s guidance, I returned to a life centered around God. The sense of community within the program and the caring atmosphere were key in my transformation. I do not want to sound cliché in saying that it saved my life, but it truly did.


BIBR enabled me to realize who I am and the changes that I needed to make in my life and to know that I am a child of God and I am so grateful to BIBR for helping me to be the man that I am. 


I want to thank the staff of Brothers in Blue, the volunteers, and the donors who support the program because they are all an important and essential part in the transformation of minds and lives, just like mine.

Brady T.

My name is Casey and I was sentenced to 32 months in prison on May 4, 2016. While I was in the county jail, I heard about a program called Brothers In Blue and that it was a faith-based program. Although I had grown up in the church, I hadn’t really taken the time to get to know the Bible and was looking at this as an opportunity to do so.


Shortly after arriving at the Lansing facility I put in a request to apply for the program and was accepted as part of group 8E in August of 2016.


While part of the program I didn’t just learn about the Word of God, I also learned about what it meant to be a man, and more importantly, a godly man. I found another family of brothers in a place I did not know could exist inside those barbed wire fences.


The things that I learned and the people that I was able to meet due to this program will stay with me for the rest of my life. I can’t wait until the day comes when I can give back to this amazing program.

When I was released in April of 2018, I went back to Wichita to start my life anew. I have found a great home church to be a part of and have been welcomed in with open arms. I am currently working on my Associates Degree in Information Technology and hope to graduate in 2021.


I have made it my goal to do my best and be a light for others.

Casey B.

Even if I had two tongues, I couldn’t begin to tell you how much God has done for me.  


I’ve been home for almost a year. God has answered all my prayers and given me the desires of my heart. He has completely restored my family and blessed me with an amazing job and so much more.


I’m currently fulfilling my calling as I serve as an associate pastor at Christ the Victor Freedom Initiative in Lenexa. None of this would have been possible without the transformation I experienced through the Brothers in Blue Reentry Program.

Will S.

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