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About the

Run for Reentry


Brothers in Blue Reentry is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping incarcerated people change their lives and become productive, positive members of society upon release from prison. Our mission is to provide transformational hope to the incarcerated through intensive programs both inside and outside the prison walls. We currently serve in two prisons in Kansas, one men’s and one women’s. Our vision is to reach incarcerated people in prisons across the state and beyond.

Currently, the rate of recidivism in the United States is 68.4%. That means nearly 3/4 of the people who go to prison will be arrested again for another crime and return to prison within three years of release. Brothers in Blue Reentry has an incredible rate of only 3%. Our programs truly do help people turn their lives around and the change ripples out from there. Families, friends, and society as a whole benefit when an incarcerated person makes positive inner-change.

Now is the chance for you to help make that change happen!


Run with us for 68.4 miles, 12.9 miles, or 3 miles and change the lives of countless people today!

What's Included?

The BIBR Success Run: 3 miles: Receive a high-quality, custom finisher’s medal!

The Kansas Recidivism Run: 12.9 miles: Receive a high-quality, custom finisher’s medal AND a custom cooling towel!

The National Challenge Run: 68.4 miles, can be run in multiple sessions: Receive a high-quality, custom finisher’s medal AND a custom buff AND LED shoe safety lights!

The race submission window will be open from July 15th to September 20th.

Image by Emiliano Bar

Run for Reentry FAQ

Where does the race take place?

Do I have to run or can I walk?

Do I have to do all those miles at once?

I already signed up for the race. Can I still join a team?

How do I track my miles?

It's a virtual race, so you can run it anywhere you like! Run in your neighborhood, on a treadmill, at the gym, at the track, or any combination.

You can run, walk, jog, or a combination of all three. As long as you're moving by your own power, it counts. No bikes, cars, or any other wheels. 

Absolutely NOT! Your miles are cumulative over the entire race period. Every time you upload miles, it adds to your total. 

Someone on the team goes into "My Groups" while logged in and they'll see an option to invite someone to the group. They can then simply send that link to you and you can follow, log in and join as well.

Take a screenshot of your fitness tracker after your run. Then go to My Events on and click the red box that says "Add to Total." Upload a picture of your screenshot to submit results and then upload a picture to post to the gallery! Remember that Let's Do This will only verify (put a blue checkmark next to your miles) results from fitness trackers like Fitbit, Garmin, MapMyRun, and Strava. Even if your results aren't verified, your miles still count so don't worry too much about this part!

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